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User Acquisition (UA)

Programmatic Plumbing For Digital Publishers

App User


An app developer or web publisher's biggest asset is the user base.  The more DAU (daily active users) you have, the more money you are able to generate through advertising, app installs, or in-app purchasing (IAP).  Our approach to UA is simple, you tell us what you want to pay for an install (user), or website traffic and we'll find the sources.  


Our proprietary optimization technology allows us to acquire users at the lowest possible rate while keeping your user retention and lifetime value (LTV) at the forefront.  Bulbah has the technology, the connections, and the experience to grow your DAU to new levels!


In-app user acquisition:  Bulbah will deliver high-quality installs that are sticky and will help shape a longterm, engaged audience for your company.  We have developed proprietary optimization techniques that allow us to find only engaged users for your application.  Bulbah always focuses on quality, and the users/installs that get delivered through our channels are sure to have very high retention metrics.  Your user acquisition strategy needs to contain more than just Google and Facebook campaigns - let us complement what you're doing already, so your DAU increases, which will allow you to drive more daily revenue.  


Content distribution (desktop):  We are able to distribute the amazing content that you created across other websites, which will grow & expand your audience.  The followers or userbase is the biggest asset an online publisher has.  Whether you're a fully built out news or entertainment publisher, or a simple blog, your audience size defines how much revenue you can generate.  Bulbah will distribute your content across our quality channels, ultimately driving new users to your website.


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