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Publisher Trading Desk (PTD)

Programmatic Plumbing For Digital Publishers



Just like a traditional agency or trading desk does anything and everything to service a brand, Bulbah does the same thing for in-app and web publishers.  We are the first-ever publisher trading desk designed to handle all things monetization for digital web and in-app publishers.  We will drive the monetization strategy, integrate state of the art programmatic technology, deliver demand & expand your audience!

Our expert team has done everything from building state of the art SSPs & exchanges - to creating monetization strategies for some of the largest in-app & web publishers - to delivering ROI back to the biggest brands - etc., etc. etc.  WE KNOW AD TECH, but most importantly we know all of the tricks the platforms play to steal money from app developers and website owners.  Given that our team has extensive knowledge from all of the pillars in the advertising technology ecosystem (publisher, SSP, DSP, Agency & Brand) we understand all of the components that deliver the demand to the end publisher.


We've tested all of the technology solutions across the industry so you don't have to.  Let us do the heavy lifting and you can just sit back and do what you enjoy - building kick-ass content or creating utilities and games.  We offer the technology, the team, and the experience to take your revenue to the next level!

Demand Facilitation

User Acquisition

Monetization Strategy

Ad Operations


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