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In-App Header Bidding

Programmatic Plumbing For Digital Publishers

Using a Touch Phone

When it comes to header bidding or in-app container solutions, you want to ensure that you’re adding incremental demand, but more importantly, retention and LTV can’t suffer.  Bulbah offers the most state of the art server-side in-app solutions that cut out the middlemen and go direct to the demand source.  Our solutions also have the fastest load times that will reduce latency, which will provide a better user experience.  We’ve all had that ad that freezes an app and makes you (end user) close out of the application.  This simply does not happen with Bulbah!  Add new demand while retention & usability metrics improve!












Bulbah is a full-service publisher trading desk, so we offer way more than just the technology.  We’ll provide white glove service from the initial conversation and all the way through full deployment.  It is important to negotiate the right terms with the bidders, test against a subset of your users and continually optimize your set up. Fear no more – Bulbah does it all! 


Our In-App Header Bidding Services:


  • Work with a dedicated engineering resource to fully integrate & deploy our solutions 


  • Negotiate all of the contracts with the bidders (DSP’s & SSP’s) – ensure transparency and a fair marketplace!

    • The contracts from the platforms can be confusing – we know all of the tricks and we’re here to help!


  • Test in a phased approach to ensure user metrics won’t suffer

    • We will roll our solutions out to a sub-set of your user base (10%, 20%, 50%) before we open things up to the entire universe

    • By creating a control group & a variant(s), we can maximize retention and get direct feedback on user metrics.  


Let us run a direct auction on your site, so buyers are bidding in your client (app) as opposed to some middleware – A.K.A. an SSP or exchange. We bring transparency and control to the publisher’s doorstep!  We are Bulbah – programmatic plumbing for publishers!



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