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Header Bidding Solutions

Programmatic Plumbing For Digital Publishers

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When it comes to header bidding, or new monetization technology, there is way more to it than just integrating the best solution.  You need to negotiate the best terms with the demand sources (bidders) to ensure that they are transparent about their fees.  It is also important to know the right bidders to connect with to minimize duplication and supply saturation.  


Bulbah offers the end to end package.  We handle the integration for you, we negotiate the rates and contracts with the bidders and we handle all of the ad operations.  Our team is highly experienced on both the technical/product side as well as the commercial side.  We have done this for so many publishers, so we understand all of the tricks of the trade.  Furthermore, we have strong relationships with the senior executive teams at all of the major platforms.  


We offer state of the art mobile in-app and desktop server-side solutions for both advanced publishers and app developers, or companies just getting started.   All of our solutions call the demand sources asynchronously, allowing for a real-time auction directly on your application (client), or website.  This ensures faster load times and lower latency, which provides a better experience to the end user.  We cut out the clutter in the middle and go direct to the demand source, delivering new incremental revenue to your monetization stack!






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