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Demand Facilitation

Programmatic Plumbing For Digital Publishers

Closing a Deal
Bulbah Demand:


Let our team bring new demand connections to your company!  We've built up a set of executive connections at the major platforms & agencies to drive incremental (new) revenue to your application or website.  We will review the connections that you have in place currently and assess whether or not they make sense to have in your stack.  From there, we will use our relationships to add new partners that will deliver incremental value!


Whether you want our team to add new platforms to your header bidder solutions, or create new direct PMP revenue in your ad server - Bulbah does it all!  There is no need for your team to waste time trying to figure out the demand that you're missing out on.  Our team of experts will connect new demand for you that will provide immediate revenue growth!  Bulbah will maximize your monetization efforts!


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