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We are the first ever trading desk built for publishers - we make sure you see what the buyer sees.

Our mission is simple: bring the transparency and tools that a buyer has to the publisher's doorstep.  We maximize yield while ensuring ad quality and control.  You create the content or utility and our experts will generate the most revenue possible using our proprietary monetization strategies.


What sets our team apart is our unique ability to understand both the technology and business needs of an application (app) developer or website owner.  We have put together a team of experts that bring over 40 years of ad tech and publishing experience to the table.  


Whether you're looking to implement a new monetization strategy, outsource your ad operations, accelerate your user acquisition (UA) efforts, or you just want to integrate the most state of the art advertising technology - Bulbah is the answer!  We know how to maximize yield while ensuring the user experience is positive and retention doesn't suffer.


We allow you to do the things you love - build utilities, games, and content, while we handle all things monetization.



Header Bidding



We offer the most advanced solutions to take your business to the next level.

The Wall of Ideas



Let us do the work for you!  Our local experts will be an extension of your team.

Consulting Services



Our team of experts will create the monetization strategy that is right for your business!

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